Meal Information


We recommend that you bring your dog’s food to avoid causing digestive issues (diarrhea, gas, upset stomach, etc.).  If your dog is typically a free feeder, he or she will be provided with three meals a day. We cannot allow food to remain down in your dog’s run.

Please follow these instructions when preparing your dog’s meals:

  • Package EACH meal in its own, separate zip lock bag
  • Label each bag with your dog’s name
  • Label each bag with special feeding instructions (i.e. add water, add wet food, must hand feed, etc.)

If you forget to bring your dog’s food or you don’t bring enough for their stay, we will gladly provide our house food for $2.00 per meal (please note that changing your dog’s regular food may result in diarrhea)


We provide our guests with small treats throughout the day.  Please let us know when you check in if you do not want your dogs to have treats or peanut butter. If your dog has special dietary needs, please provide us with a bag of your dog’s personal treats.