Boarding Add-On Activities

Dogs that are exercised and educated make better family pets!

My dogs LOVE to train. Why? Because it’s FUN and dogs LOVE to learn!  Learning channels their energy, improves focus and self-control, builds confidence, and brings out their personality. When trained with positive methods dogs learn quickly. Positive training keeps dogs excited and motivated.  Thus my vision for a boarding facility that offers fun activities providing mental and/or physical stimulation.

Activities can be paired with your dog’s personality, learning style, likes and dislikes.  Just like humans, some dogs are jocks, some are braniacs, some are serious, some love water, others prefer land. Dogs have different learning styles and learn at their own pace. We understand that! Together, we can choose your dog’s preferred activity, rotate through the various activities and/or let your dog decide which they love the most.

Because we only use Positive Training Methods, dogs must be food motivated to participate in TRICKS, SCENTWORK AND/OR YOGA



Check out our new fencing!! We now have two added layers of security for the safety of our guests.

We also have three separate play yards. One is just for small dogs. Two are for medium to large dogs. Who doesn't like a romp in the fresh air? Supervised playtime is now one of our add-ons!

15 Minutes: $10.00 / 30 Minutes: $25.00

Leash Walk and One-on-one Play Time with Staff

(in our large, outdoor, fenced in areas)

  • 15 Minutes: $10.00

  • 30 Minutes: $25.00

Boarding Leash Walk Add On Activity


We have two brand new underwater treadmills at Aqua Paws that offer the latest in technology. Underwater treadmills combine the benefits of buoyancy which minimizes pressure through the joints while providing resistance which strengthens all of your dog’s muscles. Jets in the treadmill can provide resistance for a more challenging workout, or a relaxing whirlpool-type massage. One of our trained staff from the Aqua Paws Rehab department will go in the underwater treadmill with your dog to be sure it is a safe, fun and positive experience. 

Dogs must be in good health.

  • 15 minutes: $25.00

  • 30 minutes: $45.00


We offer a relaxing full body massage with aromatherapy in a tranquil setting.  A therapeutic massage is calming and soothing; increases circulation to ease sore muscles; decreases pain caused by knots and spasms in tight muscles, helps restore range of motion and improve movement; improves dog’s overall attitude and disposition; improves mobility and decreases pain for senior and arthritic dogs.   Laurie and Sara are passionate about dogs and improving their quality of life.  They are both Certified Canine Massage Therapists through the Brandenburg Massage Therapy School. 

  • 15 minutes: $25.00

  • 30 minutes: $45.00



Balance, Fitness, Confidence, Coordination. Programs developed by Petra Ford (Certified Rehabilitation Therapist) of Aqua Paws that are safe and provide numerous health benefits.

  • 15 minutes: $25.00

  • 30 minutes: $45.00



Dogs LOVE using their noses!   We can teach your dog scent games. Find the tin containing scent hidden in boxes, in a room, and outdoors. 

  • 30 minutes: $45.00

Recommend 3-4 sessions, especially if dog is new to learning.


From simple tricks like wave, twist, spin, and touch to higher level tricks like basketball and responding to hand signals your dog will find learning interactive and entertaining.

  • 30 minutes: $45.00

Recommend 3-4 sessions, especially if dog is new to learning.

Zayna learning a new trick


“Upward Dog, Downward Dog” Need we say more?  Stretch, strengthen, core work, and body awareness. 
Routines are developed by Petra Ford of Aqua Paws Rehabilitation.

  • 15 minutes: $25.00

  • 30 minutes: $45.00

Selection of dogs

All boarding dogs participating in “Add-On Activities” must be safe with our staff, food and other dogs. To maintain a safe environment for all dogs as well as pet handlers any aggression toward other dogs and/or pet handlers will result in dismissal from our facility.

All dogs must be spayed/neutered, free of communicable diseases, dog & people friendly, and in good physical condition.


Positive reinforcement training requires the use of treats. Please let us know when you check in if you do not want your dogs to have the treats we supply at Playful Paws at Petra’s. If your dog has special dietary needs, please provide us with a bag of your dog’s personal treats. If your dog is on a weight loss program, you can supply us with their breakfast or dinner and we will use that as treats.


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Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. We make every attempt to book all reservations if space allows.