I've signed up for her online course and can't wait!

I've signed up for her online course and can't wait (have done the Awesome Obedience fitness course TWICE. Love her!). Ruby started out as a huge whiner ... about anything and everything - happy, nervous, uncertain, excited, bored ..... and I could see it being a big problem in the ring and especially in the field. So I've been "On it" from day 1 - making her aware of it, trying to break things down into the tiniest of pieces so she doesn't stress (meals, training, etc.), teaching lots of calm behaviors and doing impulse control, rewarding when she shows awareness and doesn't vocalize, etc. But it's a 24/7 endeavor! (my husband can't see the problem at all :) ). She's hugely better, but it's definitely in her make-up, so I can't WAIT to hear what Petra has to say! Otter stresses down in the ring but screams in the field lately LOL (not worried about that one - we'll get it), so lots to learn. I'll bet you anything you make further progress with Hartley now that you have even more tools and insight in your toolbox. You are such an awesome team in all you do!!!  Mary Horne