It was definitely a WOW weekend for me!

I was fortunate enough to attend Petra Ford’s Awesome Obedience for Dog and Handler Seminar this past weekend at Cleveland All Breed Training Club. I always admire her ring performances in the videos I have seen, not only for their precision and animation, but especially for the wonderful connection she obviously has with her dogs. One of her opening statements at this seminar was, “ What you see in the ring is a reflection of your relationship with your dog”. She is obviously passionate about sharing her ideas on how to develop that relationship, and she responded candidly and clearly to each question (and there were many of them!) and each problem that participants brought up. We learned how to keep our dogs strong and healthy, how she trains some of the obedience exercises, but most importantly, that our criteria must be clear in our minds and then make them clear to our dogs, so that we can have a happy, willing partner in training and in the ring.

My thanks again to all involved in this seminar. It was definitely a WOW weekend for me!