Senior Dogs

We all love our dogs.  But seniors hold a special place in our hearts.  Their muzzle is turning grey, they’re a bit slow to get up, and can’t move like they used to.  But the tail never stops wagging when you're around.  We know aging is a normal process, but we feel so helpless. However, there are things we can do to help our dogs age gracefully and to help manage their pain.  A well-rounded exercise program with minimal impact on aging joints can give your senior dog a new lease on life!

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Petra Ford
Pigs and Dogs

Someone recently asked me “Why would you train a pig?”

Good question. My immediate response was, “because it’s fun”. Then I thought about it some more. And realized it’s primarily because I love animals, I love a challenge and I love to learn.  Which is why, after 14 plus years, I still love training my dogs. My very first mentor was a brilliant field trial trainer. Among the myriad of lessons he taught one was especially relevant. John was arguably this country’s number one amateur field trial trainer.  He was considered a “professor” of the sport.

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